Anonymous asked: Sweet, thanks! I was looking into 2014 anyways :P What if I want to switch the tone or loop? Can I do that in the middle of a session? Sorry for the questions, just wanna make sure :)

nahh it’s cool! i shouldve made this clear, but virtually anything u would need is included in rocksmith. tone switch for sure, u can assign different tones to hotkeys and use it in the midst of a session. as for looping, are u talking abt looping something and playing over it? idrk if there is one?? google is your friend here, good friend. good luck and have fun 



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Anonymous asked: I was kinda stalking your twitter and I was wondering if it's possible to use Rocksmith for free jam sessions. Would I need any extra equipment?

i only own/have ever used rocksmith 2014, so i’m rly not sure about the original version of the game. anyyyways, it does have a “session mode” where u can set up ur own amps/effects/cabinets and whatnot, and create your own band that will play along with u! keep in mind a lot of equipment needs to be unlocked by playing the game. so if u only have a shitty amp like me, rocksmith is perfect for solo jam sessions \m/